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Specialty Advertising

Putting your name on products your customers use every day is a big part of what we do.  As a marketing tool it offers three main advantages to our clients:




  • Efficiency - Specialty advertising is the most efficient way of getting your brand name directly before the eyes of your target market.  You control distribution of your imprinted items.  There is minimal wasted exposure.


  • Longevity - Imprinted items stay out there in the marketplace for a long time.  Items like pens, hats, coffee mugs etc. are used not just for months but for years, creating multiple exposures over time.


  • Leverage - You get exposure not only to your target audience but to everyone they come in contact with. Imprinting on a shopping bag, refrigerator magnet, hat or pen catapults your name out there to the larger community, creating awareness among a host of potential new customers.

We work with the most experienced manufacturers and printers in the industry including:

To research thousands of different products in a variety of categories, click on our research link below:


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What's New:

New Database


We are now using a new database from the Infogroup organization.  This expanded resource supplements our own research assets, greatly increasing our ability to meet our clients' needs.

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