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Atlanta Marketing, LLC

How We Work

To larger companies we offer objective, outside analysis that cuts through the politics and inertia of status quo practices.  We can gear up quickly to tackle ad hoc projects, allowing management to focus on big picture solutions and relieving clients of the burdens involved with maintaining a large in-house staff.

To smaller firms we offer access to professional marketing expertise they might not ordinarily have. They can utilize our services on a convenient a-la-cart basis that fits comfortably with their variable earnings stream and get a distinct leg up on competition.


We help you get the maximum return on your marketing dollars by first insuring you have a sound selling proposition direted at the right prople.  We work closely with you to deliver your message efficiently to your target audience and avoid those segments whose needs are inconsistent with your benefit profile.  It all boils down to knowing your market, understanding its needs, and communicating effectively against those needs.  The result . . . you zero in on your prime market segments offering the greatest return on investment.

Where to Find Us:

Atlanta Marketing, LLC

P.O. Box 767342
Roswell, GA 30076


Phone: (770)-681-8389

What's New:

New Database


We are now using a new database from the Infogroup organization.  This expanded resource supplements our own research assets, greatly increasing our ability to meet our clients' needs.

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