Atlanta Marketing, LLC
Atlanta Marketing, LLC

Over the years, many companies have come to view us as a valued resource . . . a resource that complements their own in-house capabilities.  We often supply the missing piece that gives a marketing or sales effort the focus and energy it needs to be successful.


Understanding the needs of the marketplace, developing a meangingful selling proposition, delivering it effectively, and increasing your share of the market can be a complex proposition. We can make things easier.  We provide the tools you'll need to compete successfully, build your customer base, and move your business forward.

We've been in business a long time, providing marketing services for major U.S. companies including:

  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Bank of America
  • The Gillette Company
  • Keebler Company
  • Cargill Turkey Company
  • Otis Spunkmeyer
  • Keystone Foods



Where to Find Us:

Atlanta Marketing, LLC

P.O. Box 767342
Roswell, GA 30076


Phone: (770)-681-8389

What's New:

New Database


We are now using a new database from the Infogroup organization.  This expanded resource supplements our own research assets, greatly increasing our ability to meet our clients' needs.

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Atlanta Marketing, LLC